Death vs Tahiti


    Death vs. Tahiti

Let’s assume (for the sake of this comparative discussion) that there is no such thing as death for “The True You” – and that the continuation of consciousness is a reality.  Let’s also say that as we unsheathe any outer layers around the Soul (Soul = The True You; layers = bodies), we enter a dimension far lighter and much more expansive than The Material Plane.  And that as we progress “up” these Planes of Consciousness – we become more harmonious with Captain Compassion (i.e. – GOD). – and find our Selves thriving in greater and greater levels of knowledge, power and joy.


This, of course, is all based on the assumption that we are participants in a brilliant and compassionate process of spiritual evolution, lovingly designed (and patented) by Doctor Divinity (i.e. – GOD).  This “purpose-of-Life” system allows Souls to mature over eons of time – to our greater and natural – GOD Selves, as we ALL eventually make our way back Home. (Home = GOD Consciousness.  GOD Consciousness = indescribable awesomeness!)


So, based on this idealist Grand Design scenario, let us weigh the differences between – – – –

Death vs. Tahiti

Tahiti:  Nice place to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, with a lovely drink in hand along with a feeling of sweet, relaxed tranquility.

Death:  Tranquility, sure . . . in between doing slow-motion summersaults above a surreal, magnificent beach in the very heart of The Astral Plane – frolicking in mid-air with other Souls who love you unconditionally and vice versa. No drinks are necessary here, because you couldn’t feel better than you already do. And you could soak up the sun or actually visit one in any galaxy you’d like – knowing that the heat and the solar activity cannot do you a single ounce of harm, as you zap around in your non-physical body, enjoying thrilling experiences beyond your wildest imagination.


Tahiti:  You need things here, such as shelter (hopefully a magnificent hotel with rooms built over the turquoise waters), perhaps some pleasure-inducing chemicals of your choosing (a glass of wine at dinner counts in this category), definitely some suntan lotion, sandals, a good book, good weather, and hopefully a few fantastic, expensive meals that don’t leave you nauseous from over-eating because the food was so damn good.

Death: When you’ve crossed over, you need to recount the life you just lived with your guides and elders. It’s an honest accounting-for, and you will also need to go through a process of healing you’re lovingly led through. But once that’s all done, you will only need these last two things:  Squat, and diddly . . . but not in that order.  That’s right – nothing is needed as you become more at home with what “home” now is to you – a painless existence of freedom, magnificence and pure love.


Tahiti:  You could be rich, young and healthy here and still get eaten by a shark, or even hit by an asteroid striking the Earth!  (It’s possible . . . on rare occasions, of course.)

Death: You could ride an asteroid on any occasion you want!!!  Hell, you can even ride inside the tail of a comet, if that suits your after-life fancy!


Okay – you get the idea. I’d still like to go to Tahiti after I’m done posting this blog, though . . . Sure as fuck wish I had the money. Guess I’ll just have to Soul Travel there (which is a whole ‘nother blog, altogether).

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